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I'm Junior Oliveira 

I am going to use this channel to interview childcare professionals, psychologists, teachers and educators, and also to be connected with other parents to share my trust and hope or even doubts in times of uncertainty. Raise your hands if you have any ideas or questions; let's explore opportunities, face the challenges and create a positive connection through this blog! If you would like to be a digital contributor, please contact me and share your points of view or know-how regarding any aspect of this topic. I’d really appreciate hearing from you with any feedback or suggestions! 

Technology and the Internet have definitely become part of the daily routine of families, and parents have already found that they need special moments just to talk and relate to their children. For this reason, the main aim of this blog is to help you keep children safe when they're using the internet, social networks, apps, games and beyond.

Also, the purpose of this blog is to share knowledge, present ideas, introduce parental control techniques, cyber security tips, listen to other parents and childcare professionals who deal directly with children or young people because, for the new generations, the digital world is far more present in their lives and, as parents and educators, we have the duty to be even more present on this journey.

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Kids and Screens

Articles and posts about parental control, cybersecurity, online privacy settings, specialists opinions and several topics about children using technology safely and how to promote a healthy balance between the digital world and analog life.    

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