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About me

Hi! I'm Junior,
a serious learner!

I'm Junior Oliveira, a dedicated and passionate learner with a background in marketing. I've been actively involved in the field of marketing since 2001, with a particular focus on digital marketing. I hold a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing from Oxford Brookes University, which I completed in 2017.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with various organizations, both in the UK and Brazil, where I gained valuable experience in market research, consumer behaviour, digital behaviour, and advertising and promotion for regulated sectors such as pharmaceutical industries, and marketing, among other areas.

In addition to my professional journey, I've had the opportunity to live in different parts of the world, including the UK since 2016 and a fascinating seven-month experience in Delhi, India.

My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and advertising, along with a professional license for PR (Public Relations).


Currently, I'm pursuing my Ph.D., focusing on the impact of YouTubers on children. I'm deeply intrigued by the profound influence of the digital revolution on society and my research centers on the younger generation and their relationship with technology.

Screen Time Net Work.jpg

Also, I am a member of the Children’s Screen Time Action Network, it is a worldwide organization and all members come from a wide variety of fields – including paediatrics, early childhood, psychology, and education – and our main aim is to support each other in the critical and challenging work of helping families reduce screen time, thus we share a common belief that excessive screen time and commercialism is undermining children’s wellbeing.

About the Blog

As I have mentioned,  technology and the Internet have definitely become part of the daily routine of families, and parents have already found that they need special moments just to talk and relate to their children. However, I should emphasize that I believe in a balance in this respect, without either excess or prohibition. Furthermore, I believe that children connected to technology need guidance, well-defined rules, and ever-present parents. Personally, as a parent of a young one, and as a professional in the area of Digital Marketing, I see that there is a possibility of finding peace and practicality when dealing with issues involving the digital world. However, I also feel that, in a world with increasing communication, things such as gestures, looks and physical presence, along with the constant proposal of physical activities outdoors or manual crafts indoors, as well as reading physical books, are increasingly essential for the development of children. The offline world is a wonderful universe to be explored and enjoyed.


Therefore, I am going to use this channel to interview childcare professionals, psychologists, teachers and educators, and also to be connected with other parents to share my trust and hope or even doubts in times of uncertainty. Raise your hands if you have any ideas or questions; let's explore opportunities, face the challenges and create a positive connection through this blog! If you would like to be a digital contributor, please contact me and share your points of view or know-how regarding any aspect of this topic. I’d really appreciate hearing from you with any feedback or suggestions!  

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