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SCREEN-FREE WEEK 2019: more green time less screen time! 44 tips

Screen-Free Week is an annual event where children and adults turn off digital entertainment and celebrate being unplugged (or find ways to reduce technology use); Kids, families, schools, and communities across the globe are taking a break from digital entertainment to enjoy life beyond the screen. This celebration takes place in homes, schools, and communities around the world this April 29-May 5, 2019.

Digital technology provides us with hours of entertainment, but it can be difficult to know when to switch off. That’s true for parents just as much as it is for kids. As a parent, I can say that it can be difficult to know how to reduce screen time, especially as the social pressure to be connected.

“Screen-Free Week is a breath of fresh air,” said Josh Golin, CCFC’s Executive Director (Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood) . “Kids are surrounded by so much media all the time, and most of it is trying to sell them things or encourage them to act or think a certain way. By turning off entertainment screens for a week, kids and families can shut out that noise and rediscover what really feels good, whether that’s going for a bike ride, playing outside, or just getting lost in a great conversation.” The purpose of this organization is to educate our society about commercialism's impact on kids' wellbeing and advocates for the end of child-targeted marketing.

We know that the ways in which our generation contact each other, have access to information and consume entertainment are so different from previous generations, for this reason, and it is quite redundant to say that the Internet provides an overwhelming source of information at one’s fingertips. I can state that I spend too much time on my phone. Anytime I say I don't know something you won't see me hesitate to look it up because I do not believe in hindering my own progress. But why not to challenge ourselves and our family to enjoy more the joy an offline word. The Screen-Free Week is a great opportunity for everyone.

I found these tips for ADULTS (11 ways to reduce your screen time) I took it from “”

  1. Eat your meals without a screen

  2. Limit your non-work screen time

  3. Don’t watch movies or TV in bed

  4. Cut down on computer socializing

  5. Set a timer Keeping up to date on your social media channels is fun and socially very important for many users.

  6. Ban phone charging from the bedroom

  7. Take up another hobby for boredom

  8. Schedule a meeting phone call instead of using chat

  9. Think of other ways to access information

  10. Get your news in a condensed feed

  11. Exercise as you watch - At least this way your screen time is being used to help you in other parts of your life.

I found these tips for CHILDREN (several ways to reduce their screen time) (from Action for Healthy Kids Org)

  1. Engage them in physical activities

  2. Set a limit on gadget use

  3. Make sure they sleep on time

  4. Screen-Free Week Ideas

  5. Organize a community clean-up

  6. Put together a puzzle

  7. Visit the library and read a book or magazine

  8. Go ice skating or roller skating

  9. Visit the zoo

  10. Visit a local museum, landmark, or park

  11. Take a hike or a neighborhood walk

  12. Paint a picture, a mural or a room

  13. Attend a high school or college sporting event

  14. Go swimming or skating

  15. Learn to play the guitar or other musical instrument

  16. Read a book aloud to your younger sister/brother

  17. Plan a picnic or barbecue

  18. Play a game

  19. Go bike riding

  20. Go bird watching

  21. Play with your pet

  22. Go dancing

  23. Learn to cook a new recipe and go grocery shopping

  24. Plant a flower, vegetable or herb garden

  25. Plan a slumber party

  26. Start a neighborhood basketball, soccer, or kickball game

  27. Go camping (even if it's just in the backyard!)

  28. Go through your closets. Donate items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army

  29. Start a journal about life without TV

  30. Take a nature hike and collect leaves--make a leaf collage

  31. Watch the night sky through binoculars; identify the different constellations

  32. Go fishing

  33. Organize a family car wash day

Ok ok, technology is something that humans have relied on since the very first hunting implement was devised, since fire was discovered. We've done nothing but improve and enhance technology ever since. For this reason, you may get lost in your online life that you forget to live your real life and sometimes, the best thing you can do is simply give your kids plenty of opportunities to enjoy other fun activities, away from devices.

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