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The Internet Safety Month; 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Hello everyone, June is the Internet Safety Month in the United States of America, but why not adopting the concept of Online Safety Community around the world? I believe that this “celebration” offers a unique opportunity to remind us (parents and our children), gearing up for getaways and stay safer and create more secure online measures. As the summer is just around the corner, the school break brings increased Internet and mobile device use.

The main premise of the Internet Safety Month is to advise digital citizens of all ages to take simple, actionable security measures, understand the consequences of their behaviour and enjoy the Internet's incredible benefits.

In my previous posts, I have been explored a lot all topics related to the challenges and opportunities of allowing children's use of technology, so I decided to keep this post concise and straightforward. As Dr Mike Brookes (Psychology Today) says: “When we use our screens mindfully and strategically, we can get more of the benefits and reduce some of the negatives.”

The Official website of the Department of Homeland Security explains that The American Senate has designated June as National Internet Safety Month, in order to draw attention to the seriousness of this issue; another critical statistic points out that one in five children is sexually solicited online, and the primary victims are teenage girls. The Department of Homeland Security also emphasize that to ensure a safe cyber environment, each of us plays a part. Parents can talk to their children and teens about cyber threats, and follow these easy steps:

Only become friends on social media with people you actually know, and never share details like address, school, or even last name with strangers.

Conduct Internet searches with specific search terms so that they don’t yield unwanted results.

Install safety filters that limit what kids can see and do online.

Before your child visits a new website, check it out yourself.

The Department of Homeland Security’s has created the campaign “Stop - Think - Connect" and it encourages students, parents, and teachers to remain vigilant about their daily Internet use and offers the following advice to parents to keep their children safe online:

Stop: Before letting children use the Internet, set clear guidelines about which sites they are allowed to visit and what they should do if they see something questionable.

Think: Take a moment to be certain the path ahead is clear. Watch for warning signs that may indicate your child is using the Internet unsafely.

Connect: Enjoy the Internet with greater confidence, knowing you’ve taken steps to safeguard yourself and your family.

My personal point of view: As a parent, I know how it is tough to limit my child's screen time to a reasonable, healthy amount. And again I would like to emphasize that I'm not against technology or the internet, I just would like to help parents promote a positive balance between their online and offline lives.

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