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We'll Always Have Summer (despite the Covid 19) 

When Covid-19 first arrived in the UK (and in the 4 corners of the world), I am sure that in some way, most of us had our family's Easter plans ruined by the lockdown restrictions or any other social distancing rules; Then, as international efforts to contain this virus intensified, I really placed my hopes on the summer months offering relief from this pandemic issue. Yes, I know these measures are necessary for the greater good, but that doesn’t make our daily routine easier. Personally, in some way, we are getting used to homeschooling and I am enjoying having more time with my son. Also, I think that we have to do our best to make kids feel more secure and to make us feel like we're making the most of this time.

But ok, ok let's think ahead, the summer is just around the corner

Firstly, let's face the truth, our lovely summer travel plans may need to shift or be cancelled altogether. Thus, inevitably, a huge cloud of uncertainty hangs over summer 2020 and never has there been a summer when our kids so badly need the excitement and good vibrations that holidays plans can provide them. Well, so, no travel abroad and possibly no summer camps, I am sure you are asking yourself: "does it really matter how we spend our summer?" In short lines, the answer is "yes, of course", while our kids definitely deserve a break whenever you are and we should find some time for relaxation as well. And we have to bear in mind that there are still plenty of ideas for salvaging summer, as long as the new summer plans engage your family's mind and serve up chances to think positively and create new experiences.

So, let's get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Here are a few tips to get ahead of your family's summer plans (but it is very important, we must stay two metres away from anyone outside your household and some health guidelines have recommended “wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Here are some great things, mostly free, amazingly fun outdoor activities for kids, from toddlers to teens. Come and get inspired to get outside, rain or shine (most likely shine)!

Pitch a tent in your garden or backyard - Camping in your backyard can be loads of fun, no matter how old your kids are. It's great for keeping them entertained, it offers opportunities to check the night sky, and it lets you and your guests be noisier than usual. By sticking close to home, your kids can feel safe and secure, be within walking distance of a bathroom, and still enjoy a wonderful family bonding experience. Play a round of camping-themed bingo, it is really entertaining; have a look at some very creative ideas to create a memorable experience for everyone click here.

Have a water balloon fight - Let the kids toss water balloons at each other or you. There's no better way to beat the heat and bring the family together than by engaging in a full-fledged water balloon battle.

Plant a garden - My son loves planting seeds in the spring and watching them grow through the summer. Gardening is really important for children, and they will get involved if you make it fun. My personal tip is sunflower seeds for younger children - sunflowers are always a winner because they grow so quickly. They are also easy and inexpensive. Get sunflower growing tips here

Birdwatching - Call your children, take your binoculars and a book of your local native birds to a garden or to a park and try to identify as many birds as possible. In an era when urban and suburban children's under-exposure to the natural world is starting to be seen as a problem, birdwatching is a low-cost, easily accessible way to experience an outdoor activity with kids.

Teach your children about garden bugs - Insects are valuable friends to our gardens and vital to the natural world as a whole – not to mention fascinating and diverse creatures to share a home with. It’s really important for kids to explore the bug life in their garden because it’s been proven that being connected to nature makes everyone happier.

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I am sure that that you can find more and more options, but I think that if you follow these tips you will be able to create seemingly effortless outdoor entertaining. And for children, the easier it is, the more fun they’ll have. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting daily life in the 4 corners of Earth and no adult or child will be untouched, thus we need help to manage mental health, self-esteem, friendships and relationships. One thing is evident, when this is over, our society will be fundamentally changed. However, play in nature is especially important for children's development and you have to bear in mind that you inspire and provide a role model for your kids when you take them out into, and talk about, nature, encouraging respect, creativity and healthy offline lifestyle, among other values.

My final words: Stay safe, keep positive, look after your family ( & look after yourself too) and have a lovely summer. I hope you found this post useful and informative. I really need your support, as this a self-funding project, so I kindly ask you (if you can or if you wish) to please share this post and subscribe to our mailing list!

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