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Why is HAPPINESS so important in the parental world?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

For many parents, raising happy children is the crowning glory of parenting success. However, it is not rare to hear dads and mums stating that happiness is about those ephemeral moments of being rewarded with hugs, kisses, or that feeling of being loved. But, long-lasting joyfulness is actually much more complex, and also much more satisfying. And yes, you can considerably increase your child's probabilities of being happy, just by the way you raise them. A social reserach showed that children who receive affection from their parents were happier as adults.

But to discuss this matter, I am going to hand over to Sebastian Kopanski (Parenting Coach, Teacher, Writer), and as a qualified professional, he has been working for the previous 20 years with the main purpose of providing insights and guidance for families, without treating underlying issues; My sincere thanks to Sebastian, even with his busy routine, he was willing to write for our blog. I hope you enjoy this exciting definition of Happiness, and please feel free to share it!

Happiness: Why is HAPPINESS so important in my parental world?

By Sebastian Kopanski

Parents want their children to develop good qualities, such as kindness, self-esteem, confidence, empathy and HAPPINESS (the list is fortunately much longer). Human beings learn a lot from each other. When a child is surrounded by great role models, she can learn these qualities practically effortlessly. “Where focus goes, energy flows' ' said Tony Robins. I deeply believe there are no happy children without happy parents.




Not always…

Start the change today!

First, define what HAPPINESS means to you. By doing this you already create a happier life.

Then, embrace the happiness!

When your child senses that you are happy, he will find it easier to create his own happiness. Accept that your child may have a different definition of happiness.

So, get a notebook or open a note app on your smartphone. Do these three exercises.

Happiness Exercise #1.

Finish this phrase: “Happiness for me is…”. Write as many things as you can think of.

What to do if you feel unhappy, worried or depressed? See what the contrasting, positive emotions are – and focus on them... Write them down. It will help you to focus your energy – thoughts and actions – on creating happiness in your life. Your teen will follow you!

Review your definition of happiness regularly. For the first week, every day. For the next four weeks, once a week. Then once a month. Or more frequently if you feel so.

Happiness Exercise #2

Every night, just before you go to bed, write what made you happy over the course of the day. What made you smile, feel uplifted or lighter.

Happiness Exercise #3

Again, every night answer this question: “What would make me feel happier?”

These exercises will help you bring and create more happiness in your life. You will notice that your definition of happiness is constantly evolving. And it is good and natural.

Let me share with you my own definition of happiness:

HAPPINESS = inner peace, joy and harmony.

Start creating happiness in your life now!


A Note from the Author:

My name is Sebastian Kopanski and I help parents to transform relationships with their children. I invite you to read my book “…And Carry On” which will help you and your child create happier lives. Watch the trailer here ​"​And Carry On...​"​​Book trailer.

You can get your copy of the book here

If my words resonate with you, like, comment, share or private message me on I would love to hear from you! In the meantime, stay awesome!

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Credits: "Why is HAPPINESS so important in the parental world?" by Sebastian Kopanski

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